Situated in the Monts d'Arrée mountain range in the heart of the village of Huelgoat in the Finistère.  A strategic location offering a stunning view over the lake which flows into the Rivière d'Argent, amongst the picturesque Chaos of Rocks, the main point of interest in  Huelgoat in Brittany situated 200 metres from the hotel.

Huelgoat - the lake and forest



Huelgoat, situated in the heart of the Monts d'Arrée mountain range and the Regional Natural Park of Armorique, has many hidden mysteries linked to its natural environment.

A number of geological curiosities can be found by following trails in and around the village and forest. Among these are:

- "Le Chaos du Diable" - huge boulders rising out of the ground dating back millions of years which have eroded and curved over the years.
- "La Roche tremblante" - a boulder weighing over 100 tonnes pivoted so it can be made to rock by a person pushing against one point. Very impressive;
- "The abyss and its impressive cascade" - steps lead town to the abyss where the Rivière d'Argent falls from a height of 8 metres and where the water is sometimes red like the rocks.
- "Le Champignon" - A 200 tonne block of granite in a mushroom shape.